The Versatility of Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Explained | 2021

Walnut kitchen cabinets are among the most well recognised and versatile furniture, kitchens can ever have. The wood is widely accepted throughout the world owing to its aesthetic appeal, durability and a manifold of features. If you are willing to embrace walnut cabinets and are wondering what colour would go best with the furniture, we have a suggestion.

Best shade for walnut kitchen cabinet

Walnut cabinetries which dominate a majority of kitchens nowadays are also among the most widely chosen wood variety. Although the hardwood will go with just about any shade the kitchen already embraces, yet experts suggest that grey is the most suitable colour for the furniture. Grey is found to go really well especially with traditional and modern walnut cabinets other than white kitchen cabinets. Other neutral shades like off white, beige and cream too are great accompaniments for walnut kitchen cabinet.

Stylish walnut kitchen cabinets for your cooking space

Before investing in walnuts kitchen cabinets most of you may wonder whether it would be a good idea to bet on them. The hardwood variety is known to outperform and outshine other wood varieties in terms of looks and functionality. So, if you have thought about bringing in walnut kitchen cabinet you are certainly about to make a great choice. Walnut wood is naturally warm, rich and elegant. It can easily fit into kitchens. The hardwood variety makes the kitchen appear livelier the way a white kitchen cabinet does. People who have an inclination towards white cabinetries which are versatile may also like walnut kitchen furniture owing to their rich and warm feel.

What is most interesting about walnut furniture is its ability to perfectly pair with brass tones, blues and greys. Although grey is the choicest of shades which go well with walnut wood, other modern shades too will nicely be able to highlight the beauty of it.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Will walnut kitchen cabinets stand up to your expectations?

Of course, it will! Walnut wood is widely recognised for its strength, durability and hardness. It can carve well. A startling feature about this timber variety is its ability to hold the shapes. Walnut wood can retain its shape for years and hence if you are thinking of bringing home something unique and ornate, there is not a single better choice than walnut. Furniture crafted from this specific wood is meant to stay forever, if adequate care is offered.

How will you know the wood is originally walnut?

Here are tips on how you can identify walnut wood. Have a look:

  • Grain patterns of walnut wood are straight and fine. However, irregularities may be observed. Patterns such as curves and swirls too can be seen.
  • The wood is extremely stable
  • Walnut wood is usually dark chocolate brown in colour. However other lighter shades are also available.

Did you know?

The versatile wood, walnut usually showcases a dark shade? The colour of the heartwood differs between green to dark brown. With time as the wood ages it turns darker to reveal a chocolate brown shade. It even darkens with each passing day.

The best finish forWalnut Kitchen Cabinets wood is lacquer. It dries really fast and only a couple of coats are sufficient to protect or seal it.

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