Thigh exercises: 7 most effective exercises for firm thighs and buttocks

Thigh exercises: 7 most effective exercises for firm thighs and buttocks

Proper stretching will promote detoxification

Orange skin can have many reasons. However, one of the ones that can be affected is the retention of water in the body. This can be solved with drainage pills, the right food, and also the proper stretching. Regular and correct stretching activates the lymphatic pathways, which support detoxification and, at the same time, water reduction. Then the cellulite is relieved. It only takes you 15 to 20 minutes to stretch your body. Remember to warm up before stretching – just a few squats or light jumps, circular movements of the head, arms. If you do not bleed your body correctly, you could be injured.

What not to forget about stretching?

  • The body must be warm and warm.
  • If you exercise in a cold environment, be sure to dress well.
  • You need to stretch slowly and smoothly. You could just hurt yourself with quick movements.
  • Point stretching is not pain. The muscles should only stretch slightly.
  • Light stretching is necessary before and after each workout. The stiff muscles will relax pleasantly, and you will not regret it in the next training session.

Thigh exercise: Lunges forward

  • Spread your legs hip-width apart, strengthen your abdomen, and straighten your spine.
  • Step forward with your right foot, as if you wanted to take a big step.
  • The knee and calf of your right foot should be at right angles to you.
  • Keep the whole walk on the mat. Aim your left foot with your knee to the ground and rest your foot on the ground with your toe only.

During the whole exercise, try to have a straight back and a firm stomach. Hold the position for a while, then pull the front leg again and alternate the legs. Repeat the exercise several times in at least three series.

Thigh exercise: Weaving with a ball

  • Sit on the floor, you’re back straight and your legs outstretched.
  • Place an inflatable gymnastic ball between your legs and push it towards you.
  • Keep your legs slightly raised above the ground. Apply strong pressure to the inside of the thighs for approximately 20 seconds.
  • Then relax your legs and repeat the exercise after a while.

Repeat at least ten times in 3 series.

thigh exercises

Thigh exercise: Obstacle ascents

  • Stand facing a stable bench, chair, or stairs. You can tell the correct height of the obstacle because when climbing it, the angle at your knee joint should be 90 degrees.
  • Spread the feet to the width of the hips, straighten the back and strengthen the abdomen.
  • Step on the right foot to the obstacle and climb it.
  • Cross the other leg up and get to the ground again with the right one.

Try to do this exercise quickly but safely. If you exercise faster, this exercise, in addition to strengthening and shaping muscles, will also help you burn fat in the thighs.

Thigh exercise: Oblique lunges

  • Step your right foot to the left behind the other foot.
  • Try to stretch your leg so that your knees almost touch the ground.
  • Hold in position for a while and return to standing very slowly.

When exercising, you should feel the front of your thighs, engaging.

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Thigh exercise: Wide squats

  • Spread your legs wide, with your knees to the sides, your thighs and calves at a right angle.
  • Keep your back straight and your abdomen fired throughout the workout.
  • Move downwards with a breath.
  • Try to go as low as your muscles and flexibility allow.
  • Then exhale again.

Repeat 15 times, three sets.

Thigh exercise: Exercise

  • Kneel on the mat.
  • Keep your palms at shoulder level, back straight, abdomen firm, and neck stretched in line with the spine. Try not to lean back.
  • Start with the right foot. Slowly, bend the knee, lift leg into the air.
  • Lift until you have your thigh level with your spine. Hold for about 15 seconds and lower your leg.

Repeat the exercise with the left leg. Repeat it approximately 15 times with each leg in 3 sets. You can attach weights to your ankles for heavier loads.

Thigh exercise: Cycling

The last exercise, or more precisely the activity, is cycling.

This is an ideal exercise in which you engage all the muscles of the lower limbs. You can work out on an exercise bike in the gym or at home, or combine this exercise with a pleasant time in the fresh air and ride a bike in nature. It’s up to you. Cycling also helps to improve your erection problem or you can some medicine like Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 to improve your erection and get best happy and healthy love life.

In addition to the combination of exercise and a varied diet, do not forget the correct drinking regime, which is very important during exercise. Start each workout with a little warm-up, as we advised, which will help you stretch your muscles and prepare you for good exercise performance.

Also, try other exercises to keep the exercises varied and fun. In addition, you will strengthen other muscle groups and, for example, the abdomen or back.

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