Top Best places for your next journey near Pawana lake | 2021

Pawana Lake is very remote, approximately 20 kilometers from Lonavala Railway Station, where visitors and tourists travel for regular treks and campsites to Lonavala. The sheer size of the lake coupled with the area offers a wonderful view, as it is framed like a canvas image in the eyes. A paradise for the campers is what it is, surrounded by high mountainous mountains and blessed by an enjoyable climate all year long. Near Pawna Lake there are also a lot of places to visit.


The Earth’s water-filled reservoir, which is 0.24 km3 in size and acts as the main source of water to the district, is formed by the construction of the Pawana dam in the West across the Pawana river from the West Ghats. The scenery is set in a green tapestry with historically significant forts such as the Lohagad fortress, the Fort of Tikona, the Tung fort, and the Fort of Visapur. Hundreds of centuries-old fortresses are a testament to the region’s strategic importance. Pawana Lake is situated in the Western Ghats, making it an ideal location for flora and fauna.

Come to Lake pawna.

The proximity of Lake Pawana to the eventful destination of Lonavala enables you to get there conveniently. The distance from Lonavala is approximately 20 kilometers. It’s best to book a shuttle or bus from Lonavala. From Pune, Lonavala, and Mumbai, there are very good roads to Lake Pawana. Even the neighboring town, the lake is only about 35 kilometers inland from Kamshet, off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The nearest line is Lonavala, where the train track is very picturesque when you get into Lonavala.

Pawna Lake best time to explore

The Pawana Lake remains a forgotten attraction to visit any time you like thanks to the year-round friendly climate! The monsoon months are amazing, as pastureland and wetlands become luminous, giving you the chance to enjoy natural attractions. The cold weather and the relaxed atmosphere make it a great time to visit the region in the winter season from November to February. Here’s a list of places to visit close to Lake Pawna.

Sightseeing along Pawna Lake

  1. Paraphernalia

Maybe their outstanding paragliding system is the secret behind Pawan’s success. This trip is only next to Lake pawna, where you can float through the breathtaking countryside and crystal clear waters of the Indrayani and Pawna rivers. The surge of adrenaline mixed with the subtle beauty of the Sun over the horizon is a chance to be seen once in a lifetime! Kamshet is one of the best places to visit near Lake pawna to really have a paragliding experience. Kamshet is the parasail center where you can take part and make it one of the most redesigned experiences in your life with a wide variety of experienced gliding schools and trainers.

  1. Wadi hills Shinde

The Shindewadi hills are a place where paragliding can take place and also one of the best places to visit near Pawna Lake. This position is suitable for paragliding beginners as the starting height is just 100 to 200 meters above ground level. The Madhavrao Shinde troops are believed to have been embittered and shot during the war against the British on the Shinder Wadi hilltop.

  1. Bedsa wineries

Bedse Caves is one of the oldest groves of Maharashtra dating back to 60 BC. Situated slightly far from Kamshet. Those are on a hilly, uncomfortable site. The caves are renowned for their lovely, elegant gravure, and are constructed of four 25 meter high pillars. The central grotto called ‘Chaitya’ has a prayer hall that consecrates a beautiful stupa. It enters the top 10 places near Lake pawna due to its cultural richness.

  1. Temple of Kondeshwar

The temple is made of bricks and represents Hemadpanti’s former architectural style. The rough terrain makes a challenging ascent to the temple and there are no recommendations for monsoon trips. In the area devoted to Lord Shiva, the temple is one of many other shrines. Shri Khateshwar Maharaj Samadhi, a swimming pool, and a waterfall are included in the premises.

  1. Campsite Pawna Lake

In recent years, the network has expanded with an increase in visitor numbers. The launch and promotion of activities such as cycling, backpacking, and water sports will add only to the benefits that Pawana Dam can offer. Here you can build your tent or buy one of the other kits which companies offer. Camping rates vary according to season and availability. Camping is an add-on to the journey you will never forget on Pawana Lake. Paragliding is renowned for its operation in lakes. Remember, you’ll look starry overnight if you want to sleep here. A variety of opportunities and experiences await your arrival at this lovely resort.

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