Online Psychologist Consultation During Covid-19: STAY AT HOME, STAY ALIVE

Talk about your own feelings openly also in your own space without being under pressure? Why not? It’s all possible as many companies now provide online psychologist consultation and counseling sessions at inexpensive rates. In today’s world, everything has gradually started to be linked with technology. Businesses turned online, and shops are selling their products on websites. Just like this, where many people were not able to go for therapies, online therapy service became an important helping hand for them.

Depression and anxiety are diagnosed in a large number of teenagers who are suffering quietly. Young people who are unable to keep up as they are growing up go through stress and depression as well. Those who suffer in silence are lost and helpless without any proper guidance. Those who are not given enough attention in the house tend to grow up with hard feelings towards their close family members and have difficulty being expressive. They might vent their anger and frustration in the wrong way. However, many of them wish to escape this misery, so the right guide is the best way to offer them a solution. There are chances of no one supporting them to take therapy as it is treated as a taboo; nonetheless, parents who want the best for their child do support the idea. Mental health therapy is a necessary requirement if you are not well, just like any other health checkup. It is you trying your best to survive.

Relive Now, a mental health corporation that also provides its services online. Aside from looking after online psychologist consultation, it lets you connect with a suitable mentor. Patients with serious mental illness can easily avail certified and experienced psychiatrists to get their treatment done while also not having to go out. Relive Now’s successful virtual clinic supports free of cost 15 minutes worth of counseling sessions to get to know more about you and lead you to a professional mental health consultant.

The best online therapy is made possible with professionalism and the same environment as in-person therapy. The staff is selected thoroughly based on their education, experience, and skills. The most important part of therapy is to make sure the communication is being done in a rightful manner. The message the therapist conveyed to the customer is comforting and optimistic. There is more space for improvement by also receiving customer’s feedback. Due to the pandemic restrictions, convenient and cost-effective counseling being shifted online made things a lot easier for people. Those previously seeking psychotherapy were also able to continue their healing without any delay. Adults frustrated in given circumstances looked for help and found themselves in a much better condition after having various therapy sessions.

In addition to mental health support, there are services available for many other issues too. As such, family counseling, marriage counseling, eating disorder, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, phobias, and so on. Individuals who have not been to therapy before or choose not to go because of society’s judgment should know it is not about them. It has never been about them. Nonetheless, they can still avoid trivial attention and questions from others by booking their counseling sessions on the web. Even for a few times, online psychologist consultation can make a big difference in day to day routine. Middle-age patients can schedule calls with the assistant if they are unable to message. Women can talk and discuss their relationship issues openly with women psychotherapists with whomever they feel the most good.

Online Psychologist Consultation

The peak advantage of online therapy is client’s satisfaction and their own comfort. Every day the slogan reads to “normalize mental health care” however, there are several people who face difficulty in opening up even to their counselor. So for this, talking about an individual’s condition while they stay at home and type out their words in a message to send seems more convenient. Adolescents who feel more comfortable being connected through social platforms and others taking therapy sessions for the first time can have an easy time with the online service. The decision of taking in-person therapy afterward is solely based upon the applicant if they want it or continue online.

Few studies, two even published in 2013, have proved that therapies done through video conferences and messages can be as effective as in-person therapy. Online psychologist consultation results in individuals being more demonstrative as they sit in their own space at home. The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist grows into a genuine one as they have access to frequent sessions in a period of time. The feasibility of quick calls or text messages soothes the individual’s mind who can get reliable with their mental health expert.

People living in remote areas have fewer facilities and merely a health physician in their town. This does not mean those suffering from mental illness should be left helplessly. Even there is a possible way for their online therapy. It can be done with a smartphone and its secure connection to the internet. However, many mobile clinics go to such areas with their psychologists. This also favors those with a lack of transportation. The counseling on a large scale can be done by projecting the therapy sessions on big screens once a week or a month. The health workers lookout especially for the teenagers and adults who are in need of a general counsel guide.

A large number of mental health organizations have also made their services based online. They provide you with licensed health professionals like psychiatrists and psychologists who are quite experienced. Medications are thoroughly prescribed if needed. The confidentiality is increased as the conversation between the individual and therapist is done on screens between each other hence no presence of outsiders. As the travel cost is cut and physical exhaustion is saved, online psychologist consultation, online therapy, and counseling sessions do seem way more inexpensive and convenient. In the end, it is all for your benefit, and cares about your mental health because you matter.

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