Is buying an HDB flat as a single parent in 2021 a good decision?

In This article we are going to discuss about buying an HDB flat as a single parent in 2021 a good decision?

A single parent may face more challenges than those who have a partner. Sometimes, even laws and regulations are harsher than single parents. This is especially true for unwed parents. Someone who raises a family alone may find it harder to survive or provide the basic necessities. One of the hardest things to provide to a family is a roof to their heads.

This is because housing units are expensive. Especially housing units in Singapore. Also, in the past years, the Housing & Development Board in Singapore has made it complicated for parents who are divorced, unwed, or widowed to acquire a home for themselves and their families. HDB flats is one of the options any parent could acquire for the family.

One of the evidence of this is that it was only in March 2018 that parents who are divorced were allowed to buy or purchase a flat each that is subsidized by the government. Prior to this, divorced parents have had a hard time procuring housing. It is particularly hard because these divorced parents cannot afford housing in condos or HDB flat like Verdale condo.

As of March 2020, the minimum age for parents that want to buy a BTO flat was lowered to 21 years old and the 3-bedroom flats were made available to them as well. The situation has also improved for unwed parents, as their application will not be processed and will not depend on luck. This is a great improvement especially when condos like Kopar at Newton condo are relatively expensive for them to purchase. The following are some more tips and FAQs when it comes to purchasing an HDB flat as a single parent.

How divorced parents can buy HDB flat or condo?

These individuals who are at least 21 years old and have children under their legal custody is considered to be a nuclear family. Instead of being forced to buy units in HDB flat or  Verdale condo or Kopar at Newton Condominium, they are now qualified for grants. They were allowed to or qualified to apply for housing grants and subsidies that would help them acquire a flat.

These parents are also eligible for Enhanced Housing Grant (EHG) if the household income is $9,000 or lower. When It comes to BTO flats, they are now eligible for 5% of the 2-room and 3-room flexi-flats for divorced and widowed parents. This is done through the ASSIST scheme program. This is a big help especially when condos in the Kopar at Newton condo are impossible for them to afford. One of the qualifications for this is that they must have a child that is aged 18 years old and below.

The EHG can grant the parent up to $80,000. While these BTO flats take time to be built. They can apply for temporary housing options like the Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (PPHS). Although this type of housing is not as luxurious as those in a Verdale condo, this is a great alternative as you are waiting for your HDB flat to be finished.

HDB Flat

How unwed parents can buy HDB flat or condo?

Before, unwed parents were not eligible to buy flats in HDB housing. This is because one parent and a child are not considered as a family nucleus. That is why they were forced to purchase or rent condos like units. Sometimes they rent in condos like Verdale condo. They were asked to wait until they are 35 years old and avail themselves of the flats under the Single Singaporean Citizen scheme and Joint Singles Scheme. There were some cases where unwed parents were allowed to purchase one. However, it is more complicated and was only on a case-to-case basis. They were only eligible for rental subsidies thus making it harder for parents to renting it Verdale condo or other condo complexes.

Since March 2020, the government has started allowing unwed parents to purchase an HDB flat. The Singaporean government said that this is to ensure that their children have a stable home to grow up in and a good start in life”

When it comes to BTO flats, those parents that are 21 years old and above can now buy 3-room flats in non-mature estates. While they can now request to buy resale flats. When it comes to grants, they can apply using the same application process as a single person. However, this only grants half the amount of divorced or widowed parents are granted.

Know your rights

Putting a roof over your family’s head is something that most single parents have a hard time doing. They were forced to rent in luxurious condos like Kopar at Newton condo because grants were not available. However, now that times have changed, there are various adjustments to these laws. Visit us at SRX Property today to know more.


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