Precious Aries Birthstones with Multi Purpose Application | 2021

Aries is first zodiac astrological sign. Diamond is a popular birthstone associated with the Aries. This beautiful Aries Birthstones has multiple sided applications. For instance, it is used for self beautification as well as in various field of the industry.

Aries Birthstone Flower

The flower associated with this gemstone is Honeysuckle. It owns sweet fragrance that creates a pleasuring environment in its vicinity.

Aries Birthstone as a Signified Gift 

There is no defined boundary to present this stone as a gift. But in the world of romance, it is selected as one of the best gift for 60th wedding anniversary. Further, it is a selected gemstone for engagement and wedding jewelry. Most preferably, it is good stone for wedding rings, earrings and pendants. But this gemstone has superior strength and matchless attributes that are assisting in fields except jewelry.

Industrial Use of Aries Birthstones

The Aries Birthstone especially diamond has its own place outside the jewelry niche. It is one the strongest and hardest stone. It is at 10th place on hardness scale of Moh. Further, this stone is found effective to polish, drill and cut the items at industrial level. The industries like automotive, mining, and military preferably use tools like saw and drills that are made of diamonds. Diamonds are cut into small pieces to use them for formation of drill bits and saw edges. Such tools are too much strong to cut the hard materials. In diamond family, industrial diamonds are the special stone that are set aside.

Aries Birthstone has shown remarkable results in the aesthetic industry as remedy for the wrinkles. In powdered form it is recommended cure for facial aging affects.

On other hand use of Aries Birthstone to lessen the facial wrinkles is cost effective panacea but to some extent it is not as effective as perceived. Diamond in powered form is abrasive and it is smoothly applied on face affected areas.

Aries birthstones were at high rating in the past, especially in ancient times to dish up potential remedy to health issues. More specifically I am talking about the traits of the stone that can save the wearers from the evil eyes.

A current research has shown the use of nanodiamonds in the medical science to cure a fatal disease like cancer. Researchers have selected nanodiamonds as these tiny stones reflect light. Further these particles are compatible with the human body cells. Diamond’s reflective index traits is assisting the researchers in monitoring the cellular processes when the patient takes his routine medicine doze.

It is proven fact that diamond reflects, refracts and disperses the light. So, researcher focused on these attributes to assist the visually damaged individuals. Now they have been continuing their research work on diamond to use it as a material for bionic eyes and eye implant for the blinds.

In the current era, some audiophiles have observed the improved sound quality with the use of industrial level diamonds. With the use of diamonds in speakers domes high quality audio sound was generated as hardness of the Aries Birthstone supports high speed vibration without affecting sound quality. Further, diamonds are used in manufacturing of high quality sound record needles.

Aries Birthstones

On other hand there are some other mineral birthstones like Sapphire that are very suitable for manufacturing of record needles. At 9 Moh scale of hardness, this stone needle can work 75-100 hours without affecting the sound quality. But diamonds are at 10 Moh scale of hardness and record needles made of diamonds can perform 10 times better than the needles made from other birthstones.

For adornment intentions Aries Birthstones Color is the main factor. As glittering of diamond is dependent on the colors. The most prized and valued color of diamond is white. But having an ideal colorless diamond with good clarity and florescence is sign of good fortune. Such a mineral diamond is rare in the world. You can hardly see one Aries Birthstone without any impurity out of five thousands stones.

Diamond colors are classified into grades that are in alphabetical order. Colorless diamonds are in the range of grades from D to F. But as we move down in grade, yellowish hues are appearing prominently in the stones. A jewel at grade Z has dark yellow hues.

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