A 6 Days Itinerary Trip Details for Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek is one of the most well-known treks in May and June, and you can do it while you are in Kasol or Parvati valley. So, if you are planning to stop by Kasol anytime soon then you might want to take a look at Sar Pass Trek too.

The Sar pass is in Parvati Valley of Kullu district of Pradesh. Sar, at the local dialect, means a lake. Trekking, across the course from Tila Lotni into Biskeri Ridge, one needs to pass with a little, frozen lake (Sar) and thus the title Sar Pass Trek emerged. The road takes you through ordination of scenic grasslands and woods conjugated with rocky rocky terrain and snow spots. Trek route originates from Kasol and extends via Grahan, Ratta Pani, Nagaru and Barsheni.

The Sar Pass Trek starts in the Grahan village, which is surrounded by beautiful Rhododendrons trees.

We are going to explore Kasol and go onto the other place as well while on the Sar Pass trek. Attaining the altitude of 13,700 ft. might appear a bit difficult at first but becomes more pleasurable as we carry on.

On your way to the Biskeri Ridge, you get to find a tiny frozen lake awarded the title Sar, meaning lake.

We’ll pass through the dense forest which looks like those we see in hot films and tv shows.

Nagaru village is one site one of the popular areas to visit in Kasol. After we cross the village we’re subjected to the magnificent Parvati valley surrounded by the hills.

The fifth day awaits with the longest hiking around among the rest of the days. As you’ll be out of breath, its a sure thing that it all be worth it for your snow slide, the Rhododendron forests and the views of this Tosh valley will get etched in your mind.

A fun fact about the Sar Pass trek, it is a mountain valley rather than being an actual pass but the name implies otherwise. Along With The Parvati river flows alongside it, making the experience much more redeeming.

The sublime sense of camping in the Biskeri Thach is indescribable. Pine forests and the majestic hills are matters which are so prevalent for you, you’ll forget what the planet looks like with no.

Now on our way back to Kasol, we will undergo the Pulga village and the Barshaini village that are just two popular stops while on Sar Pass Trek. And you also get to be rather near the Parvati river, which would be the perfect time to have out that camera and take a few shots.

And also the best time to select the Sar Pass trek is during April and May.

For, again and again, folks state that Sar Pass Trek is among the most gorgeous treks of India. The change of the scenic view from woods to the meadows into the ice blankets is magnificent.

When you slide down the slope from Sar Pass you will feel as though you are riding a roller coaster. The trek works best for almost any adrenaline junkie since it’s guaranteed to receive a spike in your adrenaline levels.

Take some time off and revel in your stay in Kasol and do attempt the American cuisine. Additionally, mix up with the natives to know more about the place and its culture of Kasol along with the background of Sar Pass.

The reasons you need to have a look at the Sar Pass Trek at 2020 are more than several but if you still got doubts then let us clear them up as you’re on a Sar Pass Trek with us.

  • Day 1: Reporting at Kasol Base Camp and Acclimatization walk. (5,183 ft)

Reach Kasol base camp from 10 AM.

Acclimatization walks into Chalal village. Orientation for the trek in the evening.

5-6 hrs)

  • Day 2: Commence the trek by 7 AM to get to Grahan Camp

The trek to Grahan is simple and quite scenic with amazing forest landscapes.

Short acclimatization walks to explore the beautiful village of Grahan in the day.

Overnight stay in tents at Grahan.


  • Day 3: Grahan to Min Thach(11,100 ft | 6 kilometers | 6-7 hrs)

The trek involves a moderate climb through a dense forest of Kanwar Wildlife Sanctuary and one can learn more about the gorgeous flora and few unique birds particular to the valley.

It takes around 6 hours to reach Min Thach camp.

The Camp provides an amazing view of this Grahan valley and Nagaru cliffs can be seen from here.


  • Day 4: Min Thach into Nagaru(12,700 ft | 4 kilometres | 5 hrs)

The day’s trek drops short but steep and extends above the tree line.

The trek starts with a moderate climb and zig-zag to negotiate the steep climb of the valley before Camp.

Nagaru being at nearly 3,900 meters provides amazing views of the Parvati valley and Tosh Valley.

Overnight stay in tents at Nagaru.


  • Day 5: Nagaru to Sar Walk to Biskeri Thach (13,800 feet | 9 km | 8-9 hrs)

Start early by 4 AM for the pass to benefit from hard snow.

The entire trek route to Biskeri Thach is coated with snow because of the high elevation.

The views from the pass are thrilling and one can observe the elevated peaks of Tosh valley.

Continue the descent to get an hour more through beautiful rhododendron bushes until one reaches the huge green meadow of Biskeri.

Overnight stay in tents at Biskeri Thach.


  • Day 6: Biskeri Thach to Barshaini (7,800 feet | 6 kilometers | 5 hrs)

The trek from Biskeri to Barshaini calls for a moderate descent through a dense alpine forest.

Before reaching Barshini, the trek goes through Pulga and then follows to cross Parvati river.

Jeep trip to Kasol out of Barshini(90 minutes).

Departure from Kasol base camp from 5 PM.


Trekking towards the Himalayas is a range of intellectual and recognition ability, fulfilment and completion. Sar pass trek, as the name conjures our thoughts and triggers the unabridged happenstance, where all we are proposed is the majestic grandeur of the character. The trek is located in the paths of the Shivalik range of Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh, which is at an elevation of 14000 feet and offers the magnificence of divinity & holiness.

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